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Email account on University servers may not be used to promote personal business or to provide personal financial gain, except as may be permitted by other University policy or regulation. Use of an account for commercial purposes, for profit-making, for political campaigning for offices outside the College of Letters and Science, or lobbying is prohibited without exception.

Checking e-mail via web:

You can check your mail at

For more information about configuring webmail; including forward, vacation, and spam settings, visit this page.

Checking e-mail using Standard Clients:

Recommended client: Mozilla Thunderbird
Download it here

It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

Mozilla Thunderbird, Eudora, and Microsoft Outlook are software programs that allow checking multiple accounts at the same time.

Click here to get the settings:
Email Settings Page

Checking email via secure shell:

You can use Alpine email client on either your own linux/unix desktop or it is currently installed on Denali. This is to allow users to log in via SSH and read mail.

An example command from a unix shell:


After entering your password, then simply type 'pine' will start and you can log into your email account.

For more on using SSH, refer to Connecting to the Cluster section.

Change your account password:

Click here

E-mail Lists
Mailing list includes all Statistics Department faculty, staff and graduate students.
Mailing list includes all Statistics Department graduate students.

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing lists, send a request to

Virus Protection

All incoming and outgoing mails are scanned for viruses. Additional Anti-virus programs are free through the UCSB and can be installed by our systems staff. Please contact if you would like us to install it on your UCSB owned equipment.

Spam Protection

All incoming emails are scanned for both SPAM and Viruses. If an email is found to be spam, it's subject line will be tagged starting with [SPAM] [Score = ...] From there you can sort it via the server or you mail client to go into a SPAM folder or be automatically deleted.

If you need help, please email at